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General sales, delivery and warranty conditions

  1. The company is only bound to agreements concerning supplies, specifications, e.g. when these are in written form. As the company is only bound to information in our official offer, stated specifications, deadlines, payment terms, deadlines and conditions of sale are otherwise mandatory. However taking point 5 into account.
  2. Unless otherwise specifically stated in the quotation, e.g. It is understood that our prices always are ex works (EXW), without packing or shipping protection, excluding transport costs, transport insurance, mounting and assembly e.g.
  3. The company only takes responsibility for supplied components or systems function in so far, as they are ordered correctly as separate products or systems. For any failure of components used in not approved combination, the company takes no responsibility.
  4. All from the company supplied, suggestions, drawings, including service plans, material e.g. remains the property of the company and shall not, without written permission be disclosed to third parties, meaning all persons other than the client and staff in her department.
  5. The company takes reservations about any delays caused by strikes, lockouts, war and/or other force majeure of what art can be given, and for failing deliveries from suppliers who have taken the same or similar subject.
  6. Possibly complaints about components, systems e.g. shall be sent to the company ASAP in writing. The company assumes no liability for damages caused by improper operation, installation, incorrect or improper service and/or maintenance or consequences thereof. Handed out installation instructions or other official documents of the company must always be used and followed. Continued use of components or system parts, which has been claimed to the company, is solely the responsibility of the buyer and buyer's risk. The company will not cover further damage to the vehicle, electrical system e.g. In the event of a claim the buyer is obliged to carefully follow the instructions from the company/manufacturer.
  7. Liability in general. The company is only liable for the damage caused to customer’s goods if it can be proved, that the damage is caused by errors committed by the company’s products or employees.
    The company is never liable for loss of profits or other indirect losses. The company's liability for damage to property can not exceed DKK. 150 000, -. The company is only liable two year, from the transfer of the goods to the buyer, for damages that the product may cause.
    The buyer is obliged to indemnify the company for the total responsibilities and cost, if responsibility and cost goes beyond the agreed limits.
  8. In case of disagreement/dispute between customer and the company governing law and jurisdiction is the courthouse in the city of Kolding. Every case will be held in Danish language and if documents are in both Danish and foreign language the Danish version is binding.

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