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VBI Group was pr. March 22, 2021 reseller of Maxus e-Deliver 9.


Maxus is produced by SAIC, one of the world's largest car groups. SAIC produces 7 million cars annually and has the more well-known joint venture brands such as Iveco, Volkswagen, Skoda, Chevrolet and Buick. RSA, which is an importer in the Nordic region, has been selling Maxus in Norway and Sweden since 2018. In Norway, the Maxus van is used by IKEA, among others.


The Maxus e-Deliver 9 minibus is built in Denmark by VBI Minibus and impresses with its wide range. It is located at the top of electric buses with a range of up to 353 km (WLTP City Driving).


There is good comfort, and it comes as standard with lots of equipment, for example: keyless operation, large user-friendly 10 ” touch screen, Adaptive cruise control (ACC), reversing camera, Distronic and air conditioning in the front.


The construction is comparable to what we know from VBI Minibus, however, Maxus is equipped with VBI's new lightweight floor, where a large part of the floor consists of composite materials to keep the weight down. In addition, an air heater running on fossil-free biodiesel is fitted to increase comfort during the cold months.


In the development of the car's structure, we have thought a lot about keeping the weight down, as it provides more passengers, and at the same time a lighter car helps to provide a longer range. This means, among other things, that covers that were previously in stainless steel are now in aluminum. Likewise, there are a few fixed points for the wheelchair user's third point, instead of rails all the way over the side windows on the right and left side. These things together provide a significant weight saving.

Dashboard in Maxus minibus
Screen in electric minibus
Maxus logo in tailgate handle
White electric Minibus with lift
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